I heard it on the radio

Young has used up about two minutes of her fifteen minutes of fame, talking about laundry (and being tumble dryer-free) on today’s Women’s Hour. You can heard her here (for the next seven days). The laundry segment starts at 31:00, and she’s on first (and third).


Until the babysitter turned up at 1830, we’d completely forgotten that we’d arranged to go out to a recording of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue at the Mayflower this evening. Now we’re in the post-Humph era, the Beeb has decided to continue the programme with a rota of guest chairs (a la HIGNFY) – ours tonight was Jack Dee. How did it go? Too early to tell, I think. Dee is good, but he isn’t Humph (and his pacing and delivery in the first half – the first of the two episodes being recorded – made it clear that… Read More »ISIHAC: TNG