Sic transit gloria LMU

Following some irregularities, the UK Border Agency has revoked London Metropolitan University‘s visa license. Not only can the university no longer recruit overseas (non-EU) students (a major source of income for all UK universities, and one of the few things that stops them from going bankrupt), but their existing overseas students have been told that they have sixty days to find alternative visa sponsors or they will be deported. LMU have estimated their annual income from overseas students at around £30M, about 20% of their total income. They currently have over 2000 overseas students.

Swaythling Ward Results

Diana Jane ODGERS Conservative Party 1215 Andrew Michael WILSON Labour Party 504 Anne Mary Patricia WORK Liberal Democrats 711 Christopher Francis BLUEMEL Green Party 256 Rejected Ballot Papers 8 Electorate 9466 Turnout 28.5% This represents a loss for the Libdems and a gain for the Tories; the returns at the last election for this ward were otherwise quite similar (Lib 975, Con 681, Lab 457, Green 260). The city council is No Overall Control. The Tory campaign was distinguished by being largely anonymous (a series of flyers for meetings of concerned residents) and focussed on a NIMBYish opposition to a… Read More »Swaythling Ward Results