10 essential Firefox 2 extensions

Mainly for my own records, but I’d be interested to see what other Firefox users consider to be their must-have extensions. Adblock Plus Ad killer – must-have. All-in-One Sidebar Opera-style sidebar control for access to sidebar panels. Firebug Excellent set of Web debugging utilities, integrating a javascript console, markup validation, document inspection and others. Fission Safari-style progress bar in address bar. Greasemonkey Manager and environment for client-side scripts. Usefl for fixing web annoyances or shoehorning extra functionality into third-party websites. Live HTTP Headers View HTTP headers of a page while loading. Essential for debugging protocol-level problems. Scrapbook Utility for saving… Read More »10 essential Firefox 2 extensions

Fixing Firefox 2.0

This is mostly for my own reference, but I thought it worth posting in case anyone else finds it useful. Now that Firefox 2.0 is out, I’ve noticed a number of changes in the default UI and behaviour from 1.5 that one can no longer change through the options dialogue, and which I find awkward. This is a list of the hidden preferences (visible through about:config) and their settings. Opening a group of bookmarks in tabs overwrites existing tabs browser.tabs.loadFolderAndReplace should be set to false (open bookmark groups in new tabs) Close buttons on each tab make it harder to… Read More »Fixing Firefox 2.0

Flocking together

got to this before I did – the first public beta of the Flock browser has now been released. It’s a Firefox variant that integrates social bookmarks and blogging more tightly into the browser, but I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed by it. It is slick, even for a beta, but much of the functionality has already been present in the form of Firefox extensions: The Shelf is equivalent to the Scrapbook extension There are at least two extensions which integrate into Firefox’s bookmarks There are already blogging extensions, albeit not one which is properly cross-service… Read More »Flocking together