As seen on the community, photographs of the fire at AI.

More on the Edinburgh fire

Someone at the Beeb has realised that, aside from the buildings, one irreplaceable resource lost in Saturday’s fire was the artificial intelligence library. Full story is on the BBC site. It seems likely that the University may at some point raise an appeal to help rebuild the library, as has already been suggested by some current members of the Divison of Informatics with whom I work. Finally, some more rather depressing photographs.

I read the news today, oh boy!

I missed this story earlier today through not listening to the radio, but last night a large fire destroyed a number of buildings on the Cowgate in central Edinburgh, including that part of the Department of Artificial Intelligence where I worked for my MSc from 1996-1997. I can’t explain just how I feel, save to say that I’m in a state of shock; in amongst the pictures published by the BBC is a photograph of what is left of my old office (fourth picture down, captioned “buildings on the city’s South Bridge were burnt out”). In that photograph, my old… Read More »I read the news today, oh boy!