Nick's Belated 30th Birthday Party

The short version:

I'm having a belated 30th birthday party on the afternoon/evening of Saturday 12th April 2003 at Isobel's house at the University of Bath

The longer version:

What with our wedding last December and all the associated alarums and excursions, my 30th birthday last November was rather demoted in importance. In light of this, I've decided to have a belated party on the grounds that it's still less than halfway until my next birthday (exactly five months, so making this my 30th-and-5/12ths birthday party).

So, bring your glad rags down to Bath and join in the fun! The ritual charring of dead ruminants will probably be involved, weather permitting, and there is a high likelihood of the mass consumption of the mildly toxic byproducts of the anaerobic metabolism of sucrose by the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae. Crash space will be available at the house on a first-come-first-served basis (we'll cram in as many as we can).

The important bits:

Time and Date

We're expecting people to turn up from early afternoon onwards, but we'll probably be around in the house for most of the morning of the 12th. If you turn up early, expect to be asked to help move furniture and so on!

Getting to Bath

Getting to Bath is easy (take the A46 south from J18 of the M4, or take the train to Bath Spa), getting to the university slightly less so (the University of Bath has a comprehensive page describing how to get to the university).

Getting to Isobel's house in the university is decidedly non-trivial at present, given that the campus is one large building site at present. The PDF campus map shows this week's road layout, and Isobel's house is at the west end of the car park which is just to the north of the building labelled "Brendon Court".

Food and Drink

Food will be of the bring-your-own barbeque variety, though we'll be laying on the salads and bread.

We're still got a fair bit of booze left over from the wedding, particularly white wine and spirits, so check with us to see if we've already got what you're planning to bring (one objective of this party is to help us get through the wedding leftovers). We'll be providing soft drinks regardless.


Unfortunately, the university is renting out most of the rooms on campus for the conference trade, so there won't be rooms on campus available. Fortunately, we've got a big house, so there will plenty of crash space for those who want it on a first-come-first-served basis (and even a limited number of beds if you get your request in really early). If you think that you're getting a bit over the hill old for sleeping on floors, we can point you in the general direction of B&Bs (or see the listing on

Who to contact

I can be phoned on 07967 482562, or emailed on - please let us know if you're coming so that we can work out how much food to buy!